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Welcome to the Center for Academic Research and Educational Sustainability. We pride ourselves in guiding organizations and individuals and in diverse areas that promote growth and development in learning. An educational system must be wholesome, encapsulating technology, science, and art. Educational foundation must consist of the right curriculum elements. Otherwise, students will be shaky throughout their learning careers. Under such shaky conditions, you will find students who are afraid of Mathematics while Mathematics will remain the cornerstone of learning as long as life lasts. CARES will not shirk its responsibility to national educational systems that we serve in helping nations focus properly through grounding all students in not only Mathematics, but also in other fundamental learning curricula.




Some of the prominent areas of focus are:

Scholarly Research


Curriculum Development


Faculty Recruitment


Public/Community Health Projects




Academic Workshops


Faculty Development


Staff Development





Our Faculty Members are among the seasoned professionals in niche areas of global business sustainability.


Dr. Thomas Kwok

Dr. Thomas Kwok is an authority in Healthcare Administration. He conducted a groundbreaking research into employee attrition among mental health workers in Ontario, Canada. Findings from the study suggested that a stressful environment and poor management contributed a significant proportion of variance in turnover intention, revealing that higher stress and poorer management were related to higher turnover.  Pay and benefits also contributed to a significant proportion of variance, but in the opposite direction of the hypothesis, revealing that higher pay and benefits were related to higher turnover intention.  Demands at work, emotional exhaustion, and supervisor support were not significant contributors in this model.  Results of this study could serve as a basis for further research into employee turnover intention.  Implications for positive social change include strategies to improved job satisfaction by reducing stress and improving direct management skills which may lead to a decrease in employee turnover and an increase in employee morale and service quality.

Dr. Annirate Clarke

Dr. Annirate Clarke is your one-stop Training & Development (T&D) guru for human and material resource maximization and optimization… (or minimization, for organizations requiring minimization strategies). T&D will come into your organizational facilities and help the organization build management and staff to meet organizational expectations. T&D will ensure the alignment of organizational culture and employee behavior. She is versed in preparing employees for the workplace. To align human and material resources for results. To boost organizational success through increased productivity.  She emphasizes that employees of all categories need practical skills to surmount modern challenges to organization. Human resources also require motivation. T&D may also serve as third party trainers. Long-term and short-term objectives must be supported by knowledge base that guarantees improvement in productivity. Employee talents and skills must be aligned with organizational goals, using employee potentials at all echelons of your organization. She is an experienced consultant working day in and day out on helping individuals and corporations to maximize resources through training and development. Find out how our services can help you get on the path. Aligning human and material resources in the 21st century requires targeted training and development to find answers and create needed solutions.

Dr. Francisca Obiora

Dr. Francisca Obiora is solo primary care provider in a fast-paced medical clinic for more than 19 years; involved in all aspects of patient care across the lifespan, including; detailed history, physical examinations, development and implementation of treatment plans, prescription of medications, ordering and interpretation of laboratory test and diagnostic studies, as well as in-office surgical procedures. Participated in a community based program to teach sexual education in local area middle schools, and have joined an effort to provide free physical examinations to the uninsured. Consistently, demonstrates the ability to effectively and efficiently manage multiple projects and meet critical deadlines. Consistently achieves high-level results, managing and delivering projects on-time and on-budget. Knowledge and experience in Sexual Reproductive Health, Gender, Human Rights and HIV/AIDS issues. Demonstrate track record of working in teams and fostering partnerships.

Dr. Louisa Ukoch

Dr. Louisa Ukoch earned her doctorate in Public Service Leadership-in the field of General Human Services. A Master’s degree in Business Administration, concentration in Project and Marketing Management, and Master’s degree in Health Services Administration. Dr. Ukochovwera has over 15 years' experience teaching in the community colleges and University systems, and over 13 years of Health and Hospital Administrator experience, grounded in Health Management theories and practice, Business Management technics and Quality Control. Coaching and advising individuals to achieve their potentials and actualize their dreams. A confident leader who has successfully demonstrated great leadership skills; Quality driven, goal-oriented, results-oriented, and extremely passionate about results and productivity. Effectively demonstrates a history of exceeding goals, building relationships, and maintaining a powerful spirit of quality excellence. Practice strategic management, implementing, and assessing plans. Focus driven, attention to details and the advancement of organizational success including well-being of staff and faculty and faculty Physicians members by coordinating collaborative efforts with staff, community partners, and other organizations. Dependable, accountable and out-of-the-box thinker, utilizing critical thinking skills to see a project through from beginning to successful end. Encouraging and inspirational communicator focused on achieving and sustaining measurable change.

Dr. Chima Nwosu

Dr. Chima Nwosu is Chairman of the governing council, International Institute for African Scholars (IIAS). He directs all projects and program and oversees programs and projects being executed by liaison officers in African and other countries. He worked with NNPC Research and Development Unit, IBM Corporation, Carochen International Group, and State of North Carolina. He consults in the area of Solar Energy. He has provided consulting services, project management and business development services to our clients in the United States and outside the United States. He works with individuals, businesses, governmental and non-governmental organizations who are interested in achieving efficiency in procurement, procurement risk management, process development, project management, and process re-engineering within the renewable energy sector. He analyzes clients' processes to determine areas of need, competency levels, and gaps. He develops solutions using sophisticated statistical models and state-of-the art methodologies to bridge such gaps.

Dr. Grace Freds

Dr. Grace Freds is a veteran in education. She attended the University of Nigeria, Nsukka and completed master and PhD in the United States. She went into the classroom as a teacher in 1978. Over the years, she has added feathers to her cap through classroom teaching activities, higher education acquisition, community development involvement, teach-the-teacher mentoring activities, college and university teaching positions, action research, and academic research. Her model childcare center in Raleigh, North Carolina served trainee teachers, many of whom are now teaching in different schools. As a curriculum designer, Dr. Grace Freds has created courses for schools of different levels within and outside the United States. It became necessary to provide the global community with these offerings in order to help all those in different career paths that the materials on this site would serve. Dr. Grace is Executive Director at the Instructional Design Resource Center (IDRC).



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