Arewa, Ibo, Oduduwa - The Polls Are In...

Arewa, Ibo, Oduduwa - The Polls Are In...



The Polls Are In… Arewa, Oduduwa, and Ibo Now On One Page
By Professor Frederick Nwosu, PhD, MBA, FIIAS
Monday, July 31, 2017

##Arewa = Hausa/Fulani##

##Oduduwa = Yoruba##

##Biafra = Ibo##

The polls are in.
Because I am Ibo, I was only passively interested in the stories about Ibo self-actualization. Furthermore, you cannot mention the word Ibo without drawing my attention because I am full-blooded Ibo. I was more occupied with the academic research that put food on my table. So, I did not bother about the cacophony that filled the atmosphere/environment. For me, it was simply cacophony. I was hearing the Ibos complaining of being marginalized and wanting to stay on their own. Of course, the Ibos have been marginalized for a very long time, but they were busy doing business everywhere in Nigeria as if nothing was going on. So, why should I bother? I was hearing the Arewa (Hausa/Fulani) giving the Ibos quit notice. Why should I bother either – because any Ibo person wanting to stake his life for his property in the North was free to do so. The Ibos have been killed before (we all know the story). So, why should anyone beg an Ibo person in the North to leave the North? I did not care because every Ibo person knows what is best for him or her. Quote me. As long as money is coming in, the rest is secondary.

The polls are now in! The tie-breaker occurred when I heard that Oduduwa Republic had been declared!!!!!!! If the three groups have identified their niches, (long story short), each group should identify its representative. The three representatives should all head to the United Nations. They should shake hands there. They should smile. They should drink tea and coffee together as Ojukwu and Gowon did in Aburi, Ghana. They should be thankful to providence that they have each come to the intersection where each group is happy. Ojukwu and Gowon did not see such an intersection. Representatives of the three groups should book an appointment with the UNO, get on the UNO schedule, and address the United Nations General Assembly that they had each decided to go its separate way. The United Nations will have no beef about the process. You can tell me about protocol. This is exactly where the rubber meets the road. The representatives of these three groups should agree at the United Nations on how to secure each other’s properties in their respective geographies. They should break the good news to their constituents. Bloodshed will be averted in this way.

The cacophony ended, as far as I am concerned, when the ’Yoruba Command’ addressed the world and declared their republic. Now, the Biafran agitators should switch to merriment mode. Each group should shake hands with the other groups. Peace will reign. If these groups do not go to the United Nations to tell the world that they mean business, then, I will (again) label the whole episode cacophony. Action speaks louder than words. Now that Oduduwa Republic has entered the arena, Yoruba miliki should begin. Biafran agitation should stop. Ibo jubilation should start. Arewa quit notice has produced the appropriate effect. Hausa/Fulani kwunu should flow from Sokoto to Maiduguri. Each group should go back home and finalize on their national anthems, national flags, national coat of arms, and governance issues. I am waiting. Please tell me it is party time.


--Professor Frederick Nwosu
Monday, July 31, 2017