The Last Frontier



Africa - The Last Frontier!

Professor Frederick Nwosu, PhD., MBA, FIIAS


According to Wikipedia, Africa has a population of about 1.111 billion people. The continent of Africa has about 54 countries. Many African countries have experienced political instability, causing slow-to-no progress across the continent. Some politicians cling to power and focus on amassing wealth for themselves and the generations they may never see. Some political leaders stash public funds in foreign bank accounts where nobody can reach them. In event of the death of such leaders (in the hands of coup plotters or natural death), such funds may never be repatriated to the treasuries of the victimized countries and their poor and disfranchised peoples.


Ambitious locals and international humanitarian organizations have tried different approaches to bring about change in those geographies. Approach 1: Empowering politicians who cling to power, military dictators, and collaborating corrupt business allies of the corrupt leaders. Approach 2: Overthrowing sovereign government of 54 countries. Approach 3: Distributing relief to poor families and children. Approach 4: Engaging in rural development activism. None of these alternatives has brought Africa out of its quagmire. Instead, those holding the reins of power in many of the African countries are finding willing co-conspirators to continue plundering their nations’ treasuries and rendering the helpless masses further and further hopeless.

Need Analysis

Leadership Gap in Africa: Over the years, leaders in many countries of Africa have been either intentionally or unintentionally focusing on issues other than the well-being of their citizenry. Their absent-mindedness has manifested in the hunger and starvation hammering their peoples. Consequent upon the absent-mindedness, diverse ills have befallen their lands, Nigeria included (where I was born). Oliver Goldsmith’s 1770 parallel comments periscoping a rural setting now ostensibly applies to nation-states across Africa. Citizens of African countries are not just deserting their villages. They are deserting their countries to seek wealth. The dire need engendered by leadership gap disfranchised the citizenry across these countries, leading to crime, looting, sickness, environmental degradation, diseases, quest for political power, and educational misdirection.

From childhood, the thought of Africa overtook me when I heard about the killing of Patrice Lumumba. As I grew up, report of more and more killings of African patriots came through the wires. Reprisals involved killings. Sooner or later, citizens of the different countries could no longer tell which groups were authentic leaders, as they vied for the apex of their respective countries’ power stations. This is the opportunity to execute the vision that has resided in the heart over several years – the vision of closing the leadership gap in Africa; putting to work a corps of patriotism-trained entrepreneurial minds who will seek out the issues rather than human enemies; leaders who will rework their nations from ground up; leaders who will initiate grassroots leadership activities through innovative, business-minded, person-to-person, community-to-community value creation.

Reworking Africa

To rework Africa will be a comprehensive project. It is not for the faint-hearted. I am committed to reworking Africa in my lifetime. At the time of this need analysis, I have secured the commitment of an Africa-wide entity to help with dissemination of awareness and re-engineering efforts. That entity is the International Institute for African Scholars. I invite you to join me to rework the last frontier. Please indicate the talent you bring to the reworking of Africa. Your educational attainment, your personal interests, your contacts, and your passions will all contribute to a better Africa. I look forward to interacting to all those who want to participate in this project. I am not waiting for people to come and join me. I am already on the task. Those who join me will begin from where I am in the project.

Welcome to the last frontier!




The End